“Jewellery is not something to be worn just because it matches an outfit, but because it draws attention that can spark a conversation.”  — Susannah Fairley

This is the philosophy behind Fairley, which launched in 2013.

FAIRLEY is designed for women from all walks of life. It appeals to the luxe traveller, the classic dresser and the contemporary woman.

Designs are inspired from world travels, ancient history and different cultures. The collections range from interpretations of classic styles to modern designs, whilst keeping the signature finishes and textures reminiscent of jewellery from the past.

FAIRLEY uses old world jewellery-making techniques to give the jewellery its distinctive textured finishes. Some pieces are individually hand-hammered to give an authentic Middle-Eastern aesthetic whilst others have a matte brushed metal finish to give a lush, creamy texture.

The designer is passionate about quality and detail, using only sterling silver and 24k Italian gold plate. Each gem is handpicked for its individual beauty from merchants in Turkey, Brazil, India and Thailand.

Fairley’s timeless designs have evoked interest from all over the world with a local and international celebrity clientele including Gigi Hadid, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Hart, Megan Gale, Ali Simpson, Stephanie Rice and Deepak Chopra.

FAIRLEY is stocked in over 60 fashion and lifestyle boutiques in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US.

For the Spring Summer 17 collection, FAIRLEY has extended its accessories offering to include contemporary ultra soft leather clutches and totes. Taking inspiration from the precious stone encased in FAIRLEY’s signature 24K Italian gold plate on each bag, these versatile bags, like their jewellery, adds the finishing touch to any modern wardrobe.



Australian born, Susannah Fairley has always loved classic designer fashion and accessories, particularly jewellery. An avid traveller from a young age, she began collecting interesting pieces, which caught her attention. By age sixteen she was creating fashion jewellery and selling to local boutiques and markets. 

The Fairley name has been synonymous with retail in Australia with Susannah’s grandparents opening Fairley department store in Shepparton in 1907.

During her VCE, Susannah studied jewellery design that truly ignited her passion for design and jewellery. After completing a business marketing degree, Fairley became an accessories buyer for a major Australian chain. There she refined her aesthetic and developed her design skills further. After seasons of highly successful ranges, it was time to step out on her own.

Susannah spent the next eight months feverishly working on launching FAIRLEY and her debut collection. In August 2013, FAIRLEY was launched and Susannah managed to persuade many fantastic Australian fashion and lifestyle boutiques to stock her collection. 

Celebrities around the world began to take note with supermodels Gigi Hadid and Megan Gale the first to post photos on Instagram wearing various FAIRLEY pieces. Other such as pop singer Selena Gomez has been spotted around town wearing her Aurelia Gold Neck cuff, spiritual guru and author Deepak Chopra & actress Olivia Wilde are fans of the Scripture bracelets and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yoland Hadid adores her Alexa Gold Filigree cuff.

Although Fairley appreciates in-vogue fashion, her designs are not trend driven. She loves reinterpreting classic pieces, creating contemporary appeal and renewed appreciation whilst allowing each piece to tell it’s story.

Fairley personally handpicks each and every precious and semi-precious stone from merchants around the world and often designs many pieces from the collection around the stones themselves. She insists on incorporating ancient jewellery-making techniques in her work to give it its distinct finishes, most notably hand-hammered and granulation techniques. Every piece of FAIRLEY jewellery is handmade and unique.

Her collection reflects her belief that “style is always in fashion". 

“Design inspiration comes from my love of classic style and travel. I take themes from other cultures and traditions then I combine them with my love of jewellery and the desire to create enduring, exciting beauty through my work. I am committed to producing beautiful designs that demand to be worn.”

Today, FAIRLEY is stocked throughout Australia, the US, Asia and New Zealand. 




ALEXA "Defender of mankind"

The Alexa collection is strongly influenced by the ancient Greco-Roman era and mythological objects of war, worn to defend mankind. The 3rd and 5th century ancient Roman coin rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces offer a beautiful piece of history made contemporary for today. The gold and silver leaf motif cuff is inspired by the leaves of the olive tree; an ancient emblem of the city of Athens. The charm bracelets and necklaces combine beads with golden pendants reminiscent of this era. The brushed finish on the Alexa rings gives them a lush creamy texture and a distinctive look synonymous with Greco-Roman jewellery. Each piece is made from solid sterling silver and 24k gold plate.

AURELIA "The golden one"

Aurelia, the golden one, is a collection of individually hammered sterling silver and sterling silver 24k Italian gold plated bangles, cuffs, necklaces, earrings and rings. Each piece is hand-hammered, creating a unique pattern and texture, reminiscent of a distinct Middle-Eastern aesthetic. This ancient form of artisan craftsmanship is at the heart of this collection. 

PEARL "Teardrops of the moon"

Since ancient times, the pearl has been a symbol of unblemished perfection. It is the oldest known gem, and for centuries it was considered the most valuable. Pearls have been called the "teardrops of the moon", born when a  single drop of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of the oyster. A true gift of nature, each pearl is naturally beautiful and elegant without being cut, shaped of refined. The FAIRLEY Pearl collection comprises earrings, rings and bracelets that show off this legendary stone from the sea. 

SANTORINI "Splash of the Mediterranean"

Like the island itself, the Santorini collection of rings and earrings is magical, romantic and unique. The history and beauty of this Mediterranean paradise is the inspiration for this collection. The crystal blue waters are reflected in the handpicked amazonite, aquamarine, turquoise, chrysoprase and chalcedony semi precious stone, whilst the bright Aegean sun from our signature matte brushed 24k Italian gold plate. The result is a stunning splash of the Mediterranean.

SAMARA "Soft precious light"

Originating from the same gemstone family, sapphires and rubies are two high prized gems that are integral to the Samara collection. Together with faceted emerald, labradorite, peridot, onyx, amethyst, smoky quartz, rose quartz, garnet and coral, these stones all radiate soft precious light. Fairley has hand picked these beautiful stones and combined them with sterling silver and 24k gold plate to create bracelets, rings and necklaces. Each piece has been handcrafted giving it a Middle-Eastern aesthetic. This collection shows Fairley's desire to create contemporary design using ancient artisan techniques. 

SCRIPTURE "Sacred writings"

The Scripture collection comprises fun and vibrant rings, bracelets and necklaces that encapsulate the FAIRLEY philosophy to love wholeheartedly and live life to the fullest! Scripture bracelets are fastened with hand dyed black, charcoal and olive Japanese hand rolled silk and come either blank so you can transcribe your own sacred writing or inscribed with messages.

SERAPHINA "The fiery one"

Much like the precious gemstones that travelled along the Silk Road from Persia, the Indus Valley and the Far East, Fairley travelled throughout India and Turkey in search of fiery, vibrant gemstones that would perfectly fit the Seraphina collection of rings, earrings and bracelets. Inspired by Jaipur's colourful bazaars and spice markets, Fairley carefully hand selected green amethyst, Brazilan amethyst, kyanite, smoky quartz, citrine and lemon quartz for this collection and combined these stunning gemstones with solid sterling silver and 24k Italian gold plate to create a rich two-tone effect.

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